Intimate Love

by Fuga

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This album is a selection of my tunes (2012-13) around the intimate love, and the joys and sorrows that derive.

Music by Gianni Fuga
Keyboards, programming, mixing by Gianni Fuga
Artworks and photos by Gianni Fuga

SPECIAL GUESTS on track 2. Fiat Lux:
I am honored to have two of the biggest artists on Soundcloud in this album.
Milana Zilnik - Vocals and Lyrics -
Thanks to Milana, a wonderful singer lyricist as well as a talented pianist, Master of music and composer.
RaphaelGTR - Guitars -
Thanks to Raphael, a wonderful talented guitarist and composer.


released January 13, 2014


tags: jazz Roma


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Track Name: Dimmelo Ancora
Dimmelo Ancora
E dimmelo ancora se
e di me, tu
cosa ne fai
e dimmelo ancora, si
e dimmelo ancora se
tu mi vuoi qui con te
e dimmelo ancora se
tu sei ancora qui con me

Tell Me Again
And tell me again if
and me, you
what you do
and tell me again yes
and tell me again if
if you want me with you
and tell me again if
you're still here with me
Track Name: Fiat Lux - ft. RaphaelGTR, Milana Zilnik
Fiat Lux (let there be light)
Out of the dark
I step alone,
I set you free.
The light will shine!
So let it be
It's not the end,
As you can see:
Out of the dark -
There's you and me...

A flash of light
Is memory
As your embrace,
But nothing stays
The same for me,
The light with shine

Light of your love
Is what I have
In lonely night,
It helps me fight
My darkest fears.
I keep the light,
It dries my tears.
Please, keep the light!

Fiat Lux (luce sia)
Fuori del buio
Io passo da solo,
Ti ho liberato.
La luce splenderà!
Così sia
Eternamente ...
Non è la fine,
Come puoi vedere:
Fuori del buio
Ci siamo io e te ...

Un lampo di luce
è la memoria
Come il tuo abbraccio,
Ma niente rimane
Lo stesso vale per me,
La luce con brillantezza
Eternamente ...

Luce del tuo amore
È quello che ho
Nella notte solitaria,
Mi aiuta a combattere
Le mie più oscure paure.
Mantengola luce,
Che asciuga le mie lacrime.
Per favore tieni la luce!